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picture2El mes pasado os hablé del libro electrónico que publiqué en 'Aethelflaed and the Missing Trophy', y también como podéis conseguir la mitad del libro gratis, subscribiendo a mi boletín mensual.

Lo que no dije es que también voy a dar una clase por Skype gratis a una persona cada mes. Sólo tenéis que ir a la página

Vamos a seguir con la historia. En este número vamos a hacer las actividades 2 y 3. Aethelflaed va a recoger a sus amigas para ir a ver el partido. Este extracto sale de la versión verde (Pre-Intermediate/B1). Hay también una versión roja (Upper-Intermediate-Advanced/B2-C1) en

| Jonathan Olliffe



Aethelflaed walked straight on towards the town centre. She went past the library where her father worked, on the corner on her left. At the roundabout she turned left and went straight on until she got to the traffic lights at the end of the road.

Opposite the traffic lights there is a footbridge which goes over the railway lines. Aethlflaed crossed here and turned right, walking past the back of the station. At the junction1 she turned left, and Natalia's house was on the right.

Natalia's parents were working at their restaurant, and Natalia was at home alone. She and Aethelflaed walked together through the back garden and turned right. They went under the tunnel and carried straight on, using the footpaths, going past the theatre until they got to the square.

At this point they turned left, and then right when they got to the roundabout. Samantha was waiting for them outside her house. Aethelflaed didn't know exactly what Samantha's parents' jobs were. They had one of the best houses in Davingstock, with a garden next to the water, where they kept their boat.

1= when two streets meet. In this case it is called a 'T-junction'.